Foldable fresh vegetable crate

For external and internal supply chins

We have delivered more than 200 million foldable small crates

For long transport distance with efficient return logistics

Maximize efficiency in transport and storage

Substantially reducing damage rates on fresh produce

Do not collect dirt;Easy to clean and dry

Ergonomic;Easy to fold and eract

Excellent display properties;Attracts consumers

No packaging disposal and a long service life time


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Agriculture and in particular the cultivation and processing of fruit, vegetables, horticulture, and wine grapes is a demanding and specialized industry. For these sectors, packaging must be highly efficient, strong, and able to withstand harsh working and weather conditions. The packaging must also maintain the freshness, appearance, and quality of the harvested product between field and supermarket or local farmers markets.

The crate is an excellent packaging in the supply chain for fresh food for fresh applications. Its straight and rounded inner design protects fruits and vegetables and the curved inner shapes of the side walls improve the usable volume. The optimized folding ratio reduces the return freight costs .Finally, the ribless design brings strength and easy cleaning.

Our crate systems come in various sizes ,enabling swift and seamless integration into virtually any logistics system or supply chain. The sizes are designed keeping the customer’s need in mind.


Item No. 3213 3218 3212 3211
External dimensions 600*400*115mm 600*400*165mm 600*400*190mm 600*400*235mm
Internal dimesions 566*366*101mm 566*366*151mm 566*366*176mm 566*366*221mm
Usable internal height 91mm 141mm 166mm 211mm
Height folded 52mm 52mm 52mm 52mm
Height stacked 42mm 42mm 45mm 42mm
Maximum load 15kg 15kg 20kg 20kg
Maximum static load 250kg 250kg 250kg 250kg
Weight 1.6kg 1.8kg 1.9kg 2.1kg
Volume 21L 30L 16L 45.5L
Material PP PP PP PP
Temperature range -18℃ to +65℃ -18℃ to +65℃ -18℃ to +65℃ -18℃ to +65℃


An online shop is no longer an addition to stationary distribution. As more and more people conduct transactions via telephone or computer, more companies want to establish themselves as remote sellers. Efficient e-commerce is more than just an efficient sales platform. It is also about the people responsible for its operation and the tools at their disposal. The latter include retail containers and other returnable packaging for e-commerce.

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