Plastic logistics boxes for storing goods

With the popularization of recycling packaging and the strong support of the state, many industries have started to use plastic logistics boxes for storage as well as delivery of goods. Slowly, the demand for plastic boxes logistics boxes continues to rise.

When the use of enterprises to obtain a good economic return, the use of plastic logistics boxes to store goods has become an indispensable work of every production manufacturer. We all know that plastic crates are good for storing goods, so after purchasing them, how to use them properly in the warehouse?


1, Improve each other's height, large plastic crates. Plastic hoarding boxes, plastic sleeve boxes are stackable, and can be stacked very high, calculated in accordance with the stacking of six layers, can be stacked to six meters. Doing so is mainly to save storage space, after all, storage, an inch of space, an inch of gold. Can also avoid the collapse of goods, the conditions can be added about the placement of machinery and equipment.


2, Safety is the first, we use plastic crates in the warehouse, you need to set up a safe channel, safe channel, the main artery must be kept open. Our goods as far as possible to prevent in the side of the channel to avoid blockage. Many people do not understand why it cannot be prevented in the depth of the warehouse. Since crates are provided for turnover use and will not be warehoused for a long time, they are placed in the aisle attachment, which facilitates delivery at any time.


3, After using crates as the outer packaging of goods, we can follow the model of crates for zoning storage. The same batch, the same type of goods will certainly choose the same style of plastic crates.


4, To prevent the long-term accumulation of goods caused by deformation, regular replacement of goods placed in the area. Although the pallet boxes, hoarding boxes can be stacked.

But long time storage needs to replace the bottom box, otherwise it is easy to cause deformation of the box.


5, keep dry, although the plastic packaging products waterproof, but the goods are not waterproof. Folded pallet boxes,pallet sleeve boxes are unable to ensure that the fully enclosed waterproof, in a long time storage need to ensure that the warehouse is dry. Furthermore, chemicals need to be stored in separate areas to avoid reactions with other storage items. Finally, fire and theft is common sense.


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Created on:2023-01-09 15:21