Plastic pallet T11

Plastic Pallet T11 is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material. The use of mature blow molding technology makes Pallet as a whole without splicing. This makes our Plastic Pallet T11 stronger and more load-bearing. Plastic Pallet T11 is the only 1100*1100mm pallet produced by Jinglipack, which meets the international Pallet size requirements.


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Plastic pallet T11

Bottom display

Outside size


 1.2X1m Light pallet (2)


Temperature environment

-20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃

Maximum shelf load


Dynamic load-bearing


Static load-bearing


Product colour




Fork Way

Four-way fork

Remark: more information and size , please contact us directly.


1. T11 grid format Pallet surface grid can improve the grip and friction of the goods. Reduce the risk of accidentally dropping the cargo when loading the cargo.
2. Tianzi bottom design can improve Pallet's load-bearing capacity. We can also see that the Max Loading capacity of the T11 model is as high as 6 tons.
3. It can be put on the shelf. Due to the stability of the Tianzi bottom, Plastic Pallet T11 can be put on the shelf after various tests, and the shelf load is 500kg.
4. Compared with wooden pallets, plastic pallets have better waterproof performance, no mildew, and easy to clean.
5. Made of HDPE, durable, impact-resistant, and the service life can be up to five years.

T11 is a grid structure with a field bottom support, which can bear a lot of weight. The overall color is green, and the operating temperature is -4℉~104℉.Plastic Pallet T11 is very suitable for the use of logistics turnover. For the use of forklifts and ground cattle, it can be used for four items. The transportation of large and heavy goods is still inseparable from machinery. Pallet, as a partner of mechanical forklifts, plays an indispensable role in logistics transportation.

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