Sleeve pack box 1350mm*1150mm


  • Ext. Dimensions : 1350*1150(mm)
  • Int. dimensions : 1280*1070(mm)
  • Height after folding: 240(mm)
  • Load-bearing: 300(kg)
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    Ext. (mm ) 1350*1150
    Int.(mm) 1280*1070
    Height(mm) 860/1040/custom made
    Material(Lid and base) HDPE
    Material(Four walls) PP
    Max Loading capacity(KG) 300
    Folding Height(mm) 250
    Number of stacks 4(1+3)
    bottom Nine feet
    Fork Way Four-way fork
    Color Grey/Customized
    Lid Available YES
    Label Holder On Ends YES


    1150mm*980mm Sleeve pack box, a relatively small Sleeve pack box. In order to load different styles of products, Jinglipack's hoarding boxes have expanded the basic styles of hoarding boxes, with a total of seven different lengths and widths of hoarding boxes. If you have other special requirements, you can also contact us.
    Advantages of hoarding box hoarding:
    1. The surrounding panels are made of honeycomb panels, which are characterized by a honeycomb structure that can withstand greater impacts.
    2. Adopt S-shaped one-piece Sleeve pack box, which can be folded and has a high folding ratio
    3. The plastic honeycomb panel can play a waterproof and fireproof function
    4. Simple operation, adults can easily fold and unfold.
    5. The top cover and the base are equipped with grooves, and the Sleeve pack box can be fixed, which improves the safety.
    6. There is a window for picking up the goods in the middle, making it easy to pick up the goods.
    7. The design has a fixed Velcro, which can be labeled.
    8. The top cover is equipped with many anti-skid details to prevent falling off when stacking.
    1150x980mmSleeve pack box, folding height 240mm, effective size: 1106x940, please choose the size carefully, or discuss with us, choose the suitable Sleep pack box for your product.
    These markets are very suitable for our products:
    Motor vehicle manufacturing, automobiles, motorcycles, etc.; general industrial products, household appliances, stone materials, etc.

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