Sleeve pack box 1470mm*1150mm


  • Ext. Dimensions : 1470*1150(mm)
  • Int. dimensions : 1400*1070(mm)
  • Height after folding: 250(mm)
  • Load-bearing: 300(kg)
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    Ext. (mm ) 1470*1150
    Int.(mm) 1400*1070
    Height(mm) 860/1040/custom made
    Material(Lid and base) HDPE
    Material(Four walls) PP
    Max Loading capacity(KG) 300
    Folding Height(mm) 250
    Number of stacks 4(1+3)
    bottom Nine feet
    Fork Way Four-way fork
    Color Grey/Customized
    Lid Available YES
    Label Holder On Ends YES


    Sleeve pack box 1470mmx1150mm, this size hoarding box is also a large hoarding box, more suitable for large cargo. The hoarding box is made of plastic particles, PP, HDPE and other raw materials by extrusion molding. There are no raised burrs on the surface and can be printed in various colors, but gray, blue, black, etc. are mainly recommended. Other special materials can be added, such as anti-ultraviolet materials, anti-static materials, etc. For example, in cold chain transportation, we use a hoarding box as the outer box, combined with the setting of the inner insulation layer, to form a cold chain transportation box.
    Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with national safety and environmental protection standards. Application areas include: machinery industry, electronics industry, advertising industry, transportation industry, etc. The market for hoarding boxes is extensive. Due to the particularity of its material (plastic), it is very time for the transportation of goods and goods in various industries.

    Stacking of hoarding boxes:
    When transporting goods, it is recommended to stack 3~4. Use with packing belt and plastic film.
    When the goods are not loaded, it is recommended to fold them, the folding ratio is more than 80%, and the stack can be about 10 at a time. Used with forklift, 10 units are a unit, and the transportation efficiency is very high.

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