Sleeve pack box 1600mm*1150mm


  • Ext. Dimensions : 1600*1150(mm)
  • Int. dimensions : 1530*1070(mm)
  • Height after folding: 275(mm)
  • Load-bearing: 300(kg)
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    Ext. (mm ) 1600*1150
    Int.(mm) 1530*1070
    Height(mm) 860/1040/custom made
    Material PP/HDPE
    Max Loading capacity(KG) 300
    Folding Height(mm) 250
    Number of stacks 4(1+3)
    bottom Nine feet
    Fork Way Four-way fork

    The 1600x1150Sleeve pack box is the largest one among Jinglipack's products. The inner size of this one can reach 1530*1070mm, which can accommodate larger commodities. The length and width of the enclosure box are determined according to the size of the pallet, and the number of layers used can be determined according to the height of the load, which greatly improves the utilization of the box space. Due to the nail-free operation, the risk of workers' injuries during the loading and unloading process is significantly reduced. There is no case that the whole box is scrapped due to partial damage of the box body. For the same size, it can be completely interchanged. You can purchase the lid, bottom bracket, and hoarding of theSleeve pack box separately, which can save your packaging product expenditure. During transportation, the hoarding can be folded into a double-layer or four-layer connected wooden board structure and placed on the pallet, which greatly reduces the storage and transportation volume and effectively reduces the transportation cost.
    1600*1150 Sleeve pack boxes are suitable for the logistics turnover of various commodities. Specific markets include: large-scale supermarket purchases and shipments, large-scale enterprise commodity turnover, daily necessities, industrial supplies, various parts, etc.

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