Stackable nestable fresh crate -Perforated series 600mm*400mm*120mm




  • Ext. Dimensions : 600*400*120(mm)
  • Int. dimensions : 490*340*115(mm)
  • Usable volume: 20(L)
  • Load-bearing: 25(kg)
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    Ext. (mm ) 600*400*120
    Int.(mm) 490*340*115
    Material PP
    Max Loading capacity(KG) 25
    Volume (L) 20
    Stack Height (mm) 105
    Nesting Height (mm) 42
    Color BLACK/Customized
    Lid Available YES
    Label Holder On Ends YES
    Style Stackable, nestable, solid

    600*400*120mm is the smallest model in the hollow folding box type, and it is a one-piece plastic box that cannot be folded. It is mainly used in closed-loop distribution systems such as transportation, warehousing and circulation, processing and manufacturing in various industries.

    Function: It can be nested and stacked, and there are many styles. Not only optimize the storage space, but also better protect the products, avoid damage, and facilitate warehouse management
    Material: PP material, smooth surface, non-toxic, no nail thorns, acid and alkali resistance, no mildew.
    Optimize your space utilization and save 70% of return transportation space.

    Advantages: suitable for product distribution in various industries; reduce packaging costs; flat-bottom design, making products safer on the conveyor belt; handle design, convenient for workers to carry;

    Welcome to buy 600*400*120 stackable, can be nested oblique box.

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