Stackable nestable fresh crate -Perforated series 600mm*400mm*220mm


  • Ext. Dimensions : 600*400*220(mm)
  • Int. dimensions : 490*340*215(mm)
  • Usable volume : 40L
  • Load-bearing: 20kg
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    Ext. (mm ) 600*400*220
    Int.(mm) 490*340*215
    Material PP
    Max Loading capacity(KG) 20
    Volume (L) 40
    Stack Height (mm) 205
    Nesting Height (mm) 75
    Color Green/Customized
    Lid Available YES
    Label Holder On Ends YES
    Style Stackable, nestable, solid


    600mmx400mmx220mm adopts a 220-height design. In most cases, it can be used with a 270mm hollow logistics box. The 220mm size will be lower in price than 270mm, so many companies will choose a 220mm size box if there is no requirement for height when purchasing large quantities. The 600*400*220mm hollow logistics box belongs to the same series as 270mm, and the overall design and material are the same.

    The benefits of hollow plastic boxes:
    1. The bottom can be designed with holes according to requirements to facilitate drainage.
    2. There are label positions on all four sides, which can be added to facilitate the digital warehouse management of enterprises.
    3. Equipped with different styles of lids, foldable lids can be selected.
    4. The edge sealing lock can be added around the cover, and the four-wall design can achieve the effect of firmly locking the box.
    5. If the lid is not needed, multiple boxes can be stacked to replace the lid to seal the box.

    The main markets for hollow logistics boxes are:
    Fresh food market, light industry, heavy industry, clothing industry, service industry, office buildings, etc.

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